The Masterminds

“A Mastermind is a friendly alliance with one or more persons
who will encourage one to follow through with both plan and purpose.”

~Napolean Hill

 A great business doesn’t grow in isolation.

Sure, you can work alone from your kitchen table. But once you have consulted the dog and cats a few times, you need to share ideas with other people who can offer you new ideas, feedback and cheer you on!

The Masterminds are coaching groups for passionate people building businesses that make a difference. It goes without saying this is an innovative group of entrepreneurs who come together to share their ideas, ask for input and advice and generally rally around each other to change the world with their awesome.

How Masterminds Work

  • Masterminds are made up of 4-5 people. I try to match people by interest, experience level and/or industry.
  • We meet by phone conference line once a month for 90 minutes.
  • While I lead and organize the groups, the members bring their questions and “asks” to the table each month and all collaborate to support one another with brainstorms, resources and constructive feedback.
  • Each month also brings a nifty snail mail surprise to keep you motivated and working in your business. One month may be a custom notebook for your ideas, another month may bring gourmet chocolate and coffee to keep you energized. Every month is a surprise!

Who Will Benefit from Masterminds?

A Mastermind is a great option for people who have some momentum in their business and are looking to stay on track, enjoy brainstorming with others and learn from understanding others’ growth and processes.

This is a great option for those who have had a Deep Dive and/or custom coaching and are seeking a less intensive way to stay accountable and engaged in your business.

[Note: I don’t accept people who are brand new to business or aren’t yet set up in business to the Masterminds, this is an advanced step. If you are just starting out, please consider the Empower U series and/or a Deep Dive.]




Group process takes time to develop. All members must trust each other so as to get the most out of the work we do.

With that in mind, I ask all members commit to a minimum of 4 months in a group. After the 4th group, you have the option to recommit to another 4 months or part ways with the group with friendly waves and hugs.

[For those running the numbers the total cost for the 4 month group is $520. You can pay all at once or monthly.]

We start new groups in:

January 2014 (applications accepted now until December 20.)

April 2014 (applications open in February)

August 2014 (applications open in May)

Are you ready to join a Mastermind coaching experience with your fellow innovators and world changers?

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CURRENT Mastermind members who would like to continue:

Please choose a payment link and you’re all set. We’ll schedule at a mutually convenient time once I know who’s registered.


NEW to Masterminds?

Please send me an email at Susan @ with a quickie introduction of you and your biz and I’ll be in touch in 24-48 hours to set up a short get-to-know you phone session so I can learn about you, your biz and your goals. If we feel it’s a ‘go’ for masterminding, we’ll take all the necessary next steps to get you set up!