Pay Your Own Rate

I invite you to “Pay Your Own Rate” for my

Ingrated Business Planning program

What’s “Pay your own rate?”

I want you to pay me the hourly rate YOU desire to earn in your business.

This is not the hourly rate you make now. It’s the income you desire to generate in your future business.


I want my services to be affordable.

But that isn’t the motivation behind PYOR.

I want you to invest in yourself at the price you are asking others to invest in YOU.

I often talk to emerging entrepreneurs about “money karma.” What goes around comes around. And many people want to build a business on the cheap. They cobble together low cost information products and don’t invest in solid coaching because of the prohibitive costs. Yet, they desire their potential clients to pay them a healthy, fair fee.

This is bad money karma. You’ll never build a thriving business of fair remuneration if you aren’t willing to invest in your business at the same level.

With PYOR, I’m asking you to invest the exact amount of money in yourself that you will ask your clients to invest in you.


Now you have no excuse to not get the coaching and consulting you need to bring your business to the next level.

Here’s an example:

Joan is a psychotherapist working in a group practice making $35 an hour.

She wants to open a private practice and make $150 an hour.

She has lots of questions about her business model and marketing and knows a business coach would be a great way to jump start her growth.

Other coaches charge big bucks for individual coaching. Joan doesn’t know what her return on investment will be and is unsure if the money will be well spent. She could ask the coaches for a free consultation or a reduced rate, but that could lead to bad money karma.

With my Pay Your Own Rate model, Joan can pay $150/hr for her coaching and know that when she gets one new client, she will have paid for her investment in full. This is excellent money karma. What goes around comes around. When you invest in yourself at the same level you want others to invest in you, the good vibes lead to productive success.


“Why are you offering this model, Susan? Other coaches charge so much more.”

Here’s the deal. My main motivation is to help people grow businesses that change the world.

World changers are often not independently wealthy and our profit margins can be on the lower side. Service providers can’t charge $1000/hr for their work, for example.

While I could serve a few people with high disposable income levels, that isn’t my goal.

Ultimately, I want to make the barrier of entry equitable to new entrepreneurs.

“Is there a catch?”

No catch, but a few rules.

Pay Your Own Rate is only available for my

You must email me a personal note with your hourly rate.

I reserve the right to decide to accept or decline your rate.

We are working on an “honor system” and I ask that you be honest about your plans and future desired rates. Low ball rates won’t be honored.

All PYOR programs must be paid in full, upfront.

Serious inquiries only, please.

“What if I don’t get paid hourly and sell a product, program or workshop?”

I ask that you consider what an hour of your time is worth.

This is an important exercise.

It helps us define our value and the value of others’ time and expertise.

It’s argued that we shouldn’t pay people  by the hour, but by the value they offer. That is true, but our brains can’t compute ambiguous “value” so we all default to an hourly model either consciously or subconsciously.  Most of us started our work life making an hourly wage and we still use that metric when considering if we want to invest in someone.

When you invest in your business, consider what your time is worth and what your support team’s value is, too.

Ready to invest in yourself and your business?

Fill out the form below and let’s talk! I can’t wait to start supporting your journey to make a great living while changing the world.

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