“What’s My Passion?” Intensive

The most common questions I hear when talking to people about building world changing businesses are:

“What if I don’t know where to start? What if I’m unsure of my passion and what problem I want to solve?”

Excellent questions, indeed.

So I designed a short, intensive coaching/consulting program to help guide you to clearly identify:

  • your passions
  • who you help and why
  • the problem your business solves

This program is deal for those just starting their entrepreneurial journey and want clarity on direction and next steps. It’s also great for those already in business looking for a better alignment between your personal values and business goals.

How it works

You’ll start with an in depth “What’s My Passion?” Workbook and Exploratory Questionnaire.

Then we’ll have two 50 minute coaching sessions via phone or Skype to guide your process of defining your business development.

At the end of our intensive you’ll know what turns you on, who you help and the problem addressed by your business.

You’ll have a rock solid foundation for all of your business development and it will feel so good.

Ready to get started?

You’ll receive the workbook as soon as you register and pay. We’ll be in touch within 24 hours to schedule your coaching.




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