Integrated Business Planning

Build Your Business that Matters

Integrated business planning is for people who want to do work they love, on their terms and make the world a better place.

An integrated business can take many forms. It can be work from home, offering services in an office or a hybrid of working as employee and freelancer. The customized approaches are based on your needs and desires.

Everyone can have an integrated business that matters. It just takes the willingness to empower yourself, innovate, and show up consistently.

How Integrated Business Planning Works

Integrated business planning is customized and unique for every individual. There are no blueprints, templates or “maps” to follow.

We have two 90 minute coaching calls spaced one week apart.

I send some thought provoking, clarifying questions for you to answer before each call.

We partner and you get clear on:

  • lifestyle you want to live
  • work you want to do
  • your financial plans and goals
  • how you want to change the world

During the second call we distill your ideas, skills, passions and desires into a comprehensive business plan.

Who this is for

The Integrated Business Planning process is for people who are ready to build a successful, innovative business that meets their personal and professional needs.

If you are ready to step into your power, own your passions and skills, innovate, and do work that matters to you and others, this process will be a great fit for you.


The integrated Business Planning process is offered in a Pay Your Own Rate model.

You pay me what you would ask clients to pay you. For example, if you want your hourly rate to be $150/hr, you pay me that same hourly rate. I have clear business and philosophical reasons for this approach to payment. To read more and get all the details on the Pay Your Own Rate Model, please click here.

Next steps

Please fill out the boxes below to start the Integrated Business Planning process. Please indicate your hourly rate, keeping in mind we will work together for three hours (90 minutes x 2 calls).

I look forward to working with you in developing your integrated, innovative, world changing business.

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