“Pay Your Own Rate” Innovative Business Plan

You are clear on who you are, what you do, who you help.

You know you want to build a business that sustains you financially, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

You know that once you have a clear plan it will be all systems go, all hands on deck, hit the ground running.

But the exact plan eludes you.

You’re stuck until you clear the weeds and draw up the big picture of what you sell and how you sell it.

We can get you unstuck quickly, efficiently and creatively. Oh yes we can.

But this won’t be your run-of-the-mill blah, blah, blah business plan.

It will be a plan that is customized to you and your needs.

We first define Your Big Why. Why you do the work you do,why it’s important to the community you care about, why it needs to exist, and how it integrates into your overall lifestyle.

Then we define What You Do. What you do isn’t always simple and straightforward. We take your skills, talents and passions and define how those show up in your business. Often this is a hybrid of direct services, products and programs. This is where we innovate, create and imagine new ways to do your work that are creative, fun and valuable.

Finally, we clarify your Money Path. A business plan without talking about money isn’t useful. So we do the math and map your income strategy.

Once we clarify your Why, What and Money you are good to go!

Here’s how the Innovative Business Plan Works:

~ When you register: I email you some initial questions to get you started.

~ We schedule a time for us to get on the phone/Skype.

~ Day 1: We chat for 90 minutes, strategize, conceptualize and create.

~ More exercises and homework are transported to you via email to work on and ship back to me.

~ Day 2 (typically scheduled one week later): We get on the phone for another 90 minutes to solidify your innovative business plan.

The End Result

A Creative, Innovative Business Plan ready to roll in less than one week. Boom.

What this program IS:

This is a hybrid coaching/consulting program.

You clarify your vision for me and I consult on an innovative, unique business plan that will work for your needs.

With your input and feedback we sketch out a plan that will lead to success, make you money and allow you to have your ideal lifestyle.

I don’t mince words or draw rainbow and unicorn doodles. I offer the straightforward scoop on what can get you to profits without sacrificing your life in the process.

We clearly define your:

  • Income streams
  • What you offer
  • Service/product delivery structure
  • Work-life integration plan

What this program is NOT:

The Innovative Business Plan is not an exploratory process.

We do the work that gets our hands dirty and come out with a hard core, real true, awesome work-it-like-the-boss-that-you-are business plan.

Who the program is for:

You will love this program if:

  • You are ready to build a business starting in a week.
  • You have tried to get a handle on your big picture business plan and become dazed and confused with all the options.
  • You’ve started down one path in business and come up short, but know that your idea is solid and will work if only you have a clear structure.
  • You are ready to do the work and commit to the time it will take to complete this program.
  • You are self-motivated and will follow through once our work is done.
  • You are ready for a creative, updated plan that integrates online tools to grow your business.


The Innovative Business Plan is a Pay Your Own Rate. You pay me what you want to be paid. Sound fair? Read more about Pay Your Own Rate here.

Let’s Get Started

Ready to develop that real true business plan that finally gets the ball rolling and gets you to the success you want?

We work fast so you don’t waste any more time building the business that works for you.

To get started send me a note in the boxes below. Remember to tell me your hourly rate. We will have a total of three (3) hours of coaching. So your total cost is your hourly rate x 3.

I’m super looking forward to creating your simple, super effective marketing plan!

How Can I Help?

We promise to never rent, trade or share your information

PS: Interested in what others’ have experienced in our work together? Some nice people have shared their results with you. You can read their praise here.








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