Empower U

Want to build your business, but not sure of next steps?

Looking to learn some business building basics with out a huge time or financial commitment?

Feeling unsure if you can make money as a freelancer, private provider or solo business owner?

Empower U is designed to gently get you started on your business building journey.

Start with our three part Foundations of Business Series. We’ll kick you off with the first class for free.

Then empower yourself to invest in the business building courses that meet your needs. We’ll be adding to the course catalog frequently. There will always be something new to explore.

Each Empower U class includes an audio recording and/or webinar, coupled with a workbook.

When you buy, you get instant access to your class and can download all the materials to keep on your hard drive or the cloud.

Classes and courses are reasonably priced at $19 each.

What makes Empower U classes different?

Each Empower U class is based on psychological research related to business building. Some courses focus on your brain on business and others focus on the psychology of your clients/customers.

My classes are also designed to be honest, straightforward and clear about how businesses really grow. Now you can access a library of helpful business and personal growth materials at your own pace with no membership obligation and start your journey to building a business that matters to you and your community.

Ready to get started?

Please download your first course, “Your Big Why,” at no cost.

Your Big Why walks you through a process of defining:
• Why you want to build your business.
• Your business goals
• Your personal goals
Once you are clear on your why and goals, you can integrate them into a business that makes you money and supports your lifestyle.

Praise for “Your Core Goals and Big Why”

Thank you. I can’t tell you how much I needed to hear [the Big Why] today. Beautiful job.  ~Erin Goodman

Susan, LOVE…LOVE…LOVE THE BIG WHY!!  I smiled through the entire webinar and gave you a few high fives too! Every time I encounter your work I feel blessed. You are an awesome light in this world and I am glad you are shining brightly. ~Nikki Champagnie

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