[box ]”Entrepreneurship is the last refuge of the troublemaking individual.” ~ Natalie Clifford Barney[/box]

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I’m Susan and I help people do the work they love and build businesses that change the world.

I believe real success comes from staying true to your passions, values and who you are, while at the same time making a positive difference in the world.

I like to keep things simple, think smart and honest are sexy, am unafraid of hard work, but see no glory in burn out.

My vision is to support emerging entrepreneurs in building businesses with zing.

My mission is to be a catalyst to support people like you to build small businesses that change the world for the better.

I do this work from the comfort of my home because:

I’m a mom to a 10 year old,  a wife to a meteorologist and nurture two kitties.

I’m an introvert.

I’m not into commuting in traffic.

I can.

Dancing in the kitchen is fun. Here’s the video to prove it.


My closest friends and family know I have a chocolate obsession, love the beach and make a wicked good whoopie pie.

I guess I was an “early adopter” of technology. I can’t code a damn thing. But I know how to use technology to build connections and relationships.

My professional journey includes a Master’s degree in education, a PhD in counseling psychology, stops along the way as a program director for a juvenile justice treatment center, a school psychologist and various positions working in the mental health field.

When my son was born I had an epiphany that I could make good money working for myself and kicked employment for “the other guy” to the curb.

With no business experience I dove into building my own practice with enthusiasm, only to quickly discover I needed to get a clue if I hoped to make any money. And so started my own journey to learn how to do business on my terms. I hired coaches, consultants, read a lot, attended conferences in far flung places and bootstrapped my way to a thriving business helping families of children with ADHD and Autism. I still work in that business now and am planning to bring in a partner to expand what we can offer.

I began coaching and consulting with my colleagues in the mental health profession way back in 2008. I’ve been an evangelist for using social media to educate and support the public around mental health issues. I believe the internet and social media level the playing field for all of us to build successful businesses and help people who need our expertise.

I’ve shared this message in speaking at organizational and association meetings nationwide and have been interviewed and quoted in publications internationally including the New York Times Magazine, Boston Globe, Parents Magazine, Montreal Globe and Mail, Information Week and South by Southwest Interactive.

What goes on here?

I blog. A lot. I interview innovative world changers, review books that can help us grow our businesses, share inspiring stories of everyday people building businesses that  matter.

I talk about business planning, marketing, social media for social good, and the psychological side of innovation and business creation.

My goal is to give you lots of free, easy to access resources to jump start your world changing entrepreneurial journey.

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 How can we work together?

Please know that I work with people who say “yes.” “Yes” to doing work they love. “Yes” to innovation. “Yes” to earning the money they want. “Yes” to making the world a better place one small step at a time. I’m not great at working with contrarians or the ambivalent.





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