What is the Context of Your Business?

Should you wear white, black or red to a funeral? It depends on what country, culture, time zone, person you are mourning.

This is true in all things. It is true in your business.

Should you have an opt in on your website? It depends on what you offer, who you offer it to, when you offer it, how it’s offered.

I could give you 100 examples, (I’ll spare you). Everything is context based. The business plan, marketing, social media you use (or don’t use) and on and on.

When you ask someone to help you guide your business growth, pay attention to their awareness of context.

Someone selling a “blueprint” model isn’t considering context at all.

When context gets forgotten in the business coaching space it’s usually because the “expert” either:

a)     Doesn’t understand the role of context, or

b)    Totally grasps context, but underestimates your intelligence so sells you a pretty box with fluff in it because it’s easier to sell boxes than a deep process of analyzing context.

We might assume that many people fall into the “b” category. But the more I study the business coaching space, I think more folks fall into “a.” They really don’t get that what works for their business may not work in yours based on….yes, context.

I test this out. I follow people here and there on social media and indirectly make comments that are context-oriented. When someone asks a question like, “Should I have an opt-in on my site?” I watch. If someone swoops in and says, “Absolutely! You must!” or “Absolutely not and here’s why,” they missed the context boat.  The right answer is always, “it depends.”

If someone knows your business goals intimately, they can advise your progress. If they have no clue what you do or what you sell, they need to find out more before giving you blanket advice.

I think we had a short period of time where people tried to build “color by numbers” businesses and a lot of people ended up with little to show for it.

If you are going to invest in building a business, I suggest you find a guide who will dig into your goals, needs and dreams to help you build something that works for you in the context of your plans.

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