Interviews with Innovators: Shama Kabani Changing the World with Social Media

Shama Kabani is a supernova.

I had the distinct pleasure to interview Shama as part of my Real True Success Summit last September. We talked about her path from “devastated” 23 year old who was told by big business that her passion for social media was a fad, to building her thriving multi-million dollar social media company, “The Marketing Zen Group.”

shamaShama’s story is inspiring, not just because she chose to do her own thing when traditional career doors closed on her, but because she has a gorgeous mindset of seeing the universe as a friendly place and valuing the spirit of play as she works and grows her business.

Shama is doing big things with her business, encouraging youth around the world in their entrepreneurial career development and clearly is having a great time doing it all.

I hope you enjoy our chat as much as I did as we discuss blazing new paths and changing the world for the better.

Feel free to download the interview. It’s all yours.

To learn more about Shama and her work, you can visit n her website:

Or follow her on Twitter. She’s @Shama.

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