2013 is “Ovah!” Time to Bring in New Business!

Here in the Boston area we are “ovah” the past and ready to bring in the new.

And while this may sound like some marketing gimmick-y approach to get you to sign up for my new webinar, I do want to point out that what worked to grow business last year, won’t necessarily work in the new year.


Let’s count a few ways:

1. Technology has changed. It continues to change. Your business must change.

2. Our culture changes faster than ever (see #1). What people want and need isn’t the same as it was in January 2013. Hence, your business needs to change.

3. The world of work is vastly different than it was a few years ago. Most of us can’t count on a “safe” job. We are headed into an era of “the contract employee,” or “freelance nation.” That means, you run your own company of one. If you aren’t working that way now, you need to consider how to build and market your business and develop a sound personal brand.

4. People like shiny objects. We are wired to find what’s new, novel and interesting. The same-old stuff gets ignored or taken for granted. When you offer something useful AND innovative, people take notice and want to try it out. The only way to do something new is through innovation and change.

5. The cheapest, most basic stuff people need is covered. We can get the basics at Wal-Mart. We can get low cost  health care coverage by taking a number at a clinic and waiting our turn for whatever provider shows up. The days of creating the next thing with mass appeal are over. What makes money and has value is products and services that are customized, specialized, personal and relational. Rather than invest $5 in some cheap thing everyone can get, smart consumers are saving up to invest $50, $250 or $500 in something special. If you want to make higher margins with less marketing costs and effort, you need to customize your business.

When the world changes, we have to adapt. The stuff that worked for you in the past won’t work now.

I’m excited to explore NEW ways to bring in new business in my new free webinar,

12 New Ways to Grow Your Small Business in 2014.

We’ll cover:

  • Strategic, innovative ways to focus your business so it attracts your “right” clients
  • How small business growth is easier when you think big
  • When to pursue your curiosity, frustrations and crazy ideas, and when to let them go
  • How business models must adapt in 2014 due to our ever evolving technologies and new world of work
  • Why listening to your gut can be more effective than any “expert advice” when it comes to growing your business
  • and more…

To join us, please click here to register.

The webinar takes place Friday, January 3 at 12 noon ET, will be recorded and links sent to all registered participants.

Here’s to an innovative, successful year ahead!



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