Will You Trust Yourself In the New Year?

2013 was the year I began to trust myself again.

I don’t think I truly trusted myself since I was 5 years old.

Since my formal schooling started I’ve been listening to what others tell me is “right” and worthy.

I have always been that “good” person. Nice to others. Empathic, compassionate.

I just wasn’t always nice, empathic or compassionate to myself.

So I changed that in 2013.

It felt weird. It felt selfish and self-serving.

Until I noticed that by trusting my gut, taking a break, discovering a new path, not only was I happier, but so was my family.

I wasn’t a stress ball. I was around more. We had weekends together for the first time since my son was born!

It seems odd to say, but trusting myself was a risk. I hadn’t done it before. I’m glad it paid off. If it hadn’t, that would have been ok. I knew how to fit into the right boxes to make things work again.

Will you trust yourself in the New Year?

I work with people who are amazingly giving, bright and empathic. They all have everything they need to make a great living and change the world for the better.

Yet so many don’t trust themselves to make a shift, make a difference, make their work their own.

I’ve learned that it is only through this self-trust that we can move forward. Only through believing in our power to do good, do well and cope with whatever comes that propels positive change.

How do you develop self-trust?

I think it comes from taking small risks and watching what happens.

For some of us that means eating a different meal at our favorite restaurant, traveling to a new state or country. Maybe it means starting a small side project to see how it feels, test the waters.

Once you get comfortable with taking small risks, you can move on to bigger ones. Once you know how you react to change, adjust when things are unexpected or a smidge uncomfortable you can move on to bigger risks.

My wish for you in the upcoming months is increased self-trust. I hope you can believe in yourself as I believe in you. You can do work you love. You can make a difference. You can make the money you need to be comfortable. It’s all there for you when you believe it to be so.

Happy New Year and Peace in 2014!

~ Susan

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