EnoughIt’s the season of thanks and giving.

Yet, we are bombarded with marketing that encourages us to consume mindlessly.

At what point do we individually decide we have enough?

When do we take a hard look at what people are trying to tell us is true vs what is in reality true in our corner of the world?

Most people reading this blog have enough. We have enough food, clothing and gadgets. We have shelter that goes beyond the basics most people on earth need to be content with.

And yet, we feel anxious.

Anxious about getting more, providing more, leveling up to “better,” newer, faster.

We are being told we never have enough.

We are being told that we are never enough.

When do we stop believing what we are told and claim our reality of enough?

Only at the point when we confirm our personal enough-ness that we can conceive of creating something of value to others.

Our cup must feel full so we can offer some of the overflow to the rest of the world.

The “enough gap” lies between your perception and your reality.

When we align our reality with having enough we open doors to abundance.

Rather than feel anxious about not keeping up, we can feel free to pursue more by choice.

Rather than feel driven to overcome being “less than,” we can take our safety in enough and expand our energy to share our abundance with others.

I ask that you take stock realistically of what ‘enough’ looks and feels like to you.

Be aware of the gap between where you are now and your perceptions of  what is “enough.”

Happiness and productivity lie in the closure of that gap.

Wishing you an abundant, fulfilled Holiday Season.