Choose a New Word and a Cause for 2014

This is the time of year when people start to choose their “word(s) to live by” in the New Year.

This is a lovely exercise and can help us focus on what we want to accomplish personally and professionally.

Words are cheap, however.

Choosing a word doesn’t do much to move the needle one way or the other.

A lot of mental and emotional energy can go into the “word choosing” thing and what do you have to show for it at the end of the day, month, year? If you chose a word last year, did it make an impact? Just like those resolutions, most of us have the say The Word didn’t do much.

I choose my words in a 2 second lightening bolt of insight while reading someone else’s word discussion on Facebook.

My words are “Empower” and “Vivacious.”

The words are self-explanatory.

What I really want to talk about is making 2014 a year of meaning for you and those you care about.

When you choose your words this week, I’m asking you to choose your cause, too.

Choose a mission. A focus to care about.

You cause can be an official charity, volunteer work, a goal in your business that benefits others in need.

There are some rules about choosing your cause.

  • The cause must be about others.
  • The cause must strive to solve a problem.
  • The cause must be something you care deeply about.
  • You must commit action to the cause. You can commit time, ideas, energy or money.

I ask you to engage in supporting your cause consistently. Consider how it fits into the flow of your life in the next year. Integrate caring into your plans. Maybe it’s daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, a week, a month, a regular practice.

The world needs changing. We need to choose to make change happen. We need to shift our focus from our own little bubble to the bigger world. There needs to be a collective shift from contemplation to taking action.

This year, like every year, my cause is helping children in need.

I do this work in my private practice and through my support of Life is good Playmakers. My practice is weekly. I give money monthly and do a big fundraiser in the summer for LIG Playmakers. I attend their festival with my family every September.

I hope we can empower each other to do more to support those who have less, those who need more, share the wealth we have (in all forms).

Please choose your cause.

I think you’ll find the focus on what matters to you and the consideration of how to commit very helpful in guiding your personal and business growth this year.

Peace and Love,

~ Susan

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