My Reaction to a Judgemental Jerk

I’m angry.

Someone judged me based on a Facebook comment.

He called me “lazy” because I suggested one can build a business and have a health work-life integration.

He doesn’t know me or my work.

And to him, and all the people who negatively judge my approach to business and work and life, Fuck You.

Ahhh..that feels better.

Here’s the truth as I know it.

You can build any kind of business you want.

Some asshat is going to tell you it isn’t a “real” business if it doesn’t make $500k a year.  People who think they run “real” businesses will tell you that if you aren’t working 100 hour weeks, you aren’t serious. *middle finger salute* [Hey, I’m a Boston gal.]

I may think people who dedicate their entire life to a business are crazy. But they are just making a choice. A choice I choose not to make.

But when they come and judge me (and you) based on our desire to have a business AND time with family, friends and ourselves, I draw the line.

I think they misunderstand the bigger picture.

Here’s my experience of entrepreneurship and work-life integration.

I started all of my businesses with a 1 year old at home.  I’ve been self-employed for 9 years.

I was creative with my hours and did work 40+ hrs a week, but it was all flexible, all on my terms. A lot of it depends on how much income you want to make. If you are looking to generate $200K+ in income a year, get investors, sell the biz you are going to work crazy hard for it. If you are happy with between $75 – 120,000 it’s totally do-able. The thing is, it isn’t sexy. It isn’t “making millions in your PJs” and all the other schlock biz coaches sell us.

You need to be motivated, have focus and do the work.

People get wonked on all 3 fronts. They aren’t motivated, not focused and don’t do the work. Most solo businesses that fail, fail due to one of these three factors.

You’ll work evenings and some weekends. It isn’t 9-5. But it isn’t 100 hrs a week either. You make sacrifices when times are slow and money tight.

I trade freedom for stress. I have fewer fancy pants and shoes and more hugs from my son. You can build something meaningful, world changing and life sustaining with the right mindset and hard work.

You need to get crystal CLEAR on what you want in life and from your work. Clear as a bell. It has to be YOUR vision and focus is huge. The lack of focus is what flushes money down the drain. Do that planning work. Take as much time as you need. It’s yours to create.

It’s not lazy or frivolous to work smart.

I would also like to thank the clueless gentleman for inspiring my new free webinar coming up in January 2014.

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  1. Rock on, Susan! 😀 I love that you’re expressing your real anger instead of the usual turn the other cheek, placating, pansy, nice language because you’re a coach / businesses owner. And thanks for sharing! You inspire me to build a biz on MY terms (like molten chocolate) – I’m excited for 2014! (Hug)

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