When the Worst Happens, What Would You Do?

People are very anxious about failure. When I speak to them about doing work they love, changing the world or taking calculated risks, many balk. They say, “Well, I have to pay the bills.” “Passion doesn’t keep food on the table.” “I can’t do that because…”

So, let’s explore one of my best therapist questions to those who are anxious, “What’s the worst that can happen?”

Many people can’t answer this. Realistically, most of us would regroup pretty quickly if we took a smart business risk that started to take on water. We’d find other work, abandon our sinking ship and move on.

But what if the WORST happened? What if you lost everything? What would you do?

I saw this piece on Upworthy today. It’s eye opening for many reasons. Please watch and then come back.

One Time A Guy Gave A Homeless Man A Computer, And The Recipient Did Exactly What The Giver Expected

I find many aspects of this piece intriguing.

The first is that the press slammed Patrick, the guy who gave Leo the computer. The cynicism and meanness of the mainstream media was telling. For those who try to believe in the good of others, this push back may sound familiar.

I’m not surprised Leo wanted to learn to code.

What caught me off guard was his desire to use his new found knowledge to change the world.

He has a passion for the environment. He wants to make a difference. He’s learning something completely new and his quest isn’t a new home, riches or glory. He wants to change the world.

Objectively, Leo has the life we all fear. He’s homeless. He lives on the street.  Yet, he still has big dreams, a vision, a drive to do something with his life beyond subisist.

Chances are pretty good you won’t end up homeless, no matter what you decide to do with your career.

Sure, there may be tough times. Situations that aren’t ideal. I’ve lived in apartments with no furniture, done the Ramen diet now and then, drove a beater of a car. But I was never at risk of being homeless.

Leo has our attention, not because he’s a homeless guy self motivated enough to learn a new skill. He has our attention because he’s a homeless man intent on making a difference. And that story is going to open up doors for him that weren’t otherwise available before he declared his true dreams and passions.

Ultimately, we let our fear of the worst get in the way of our best.

What are you really risking if you pursue your dreams?

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