What’s Your Problem?

Over the weekend I was researching businesses that change the world (typical weekend, right?)

I stumbled across Echoing Green and was smitten.

I loved their video:


The question is: What’s YOUR problem?

Successful businesses of every stripe solve a specific problem.

No one spends money because they like you. They invest because what you do solves their problem.

This video gives some examples of big world problems.

I encourage us to build businesses that solve problems on a smaller scale,too.

Some ideas that come to mind:

  • Helping women return to the workforce after their children are old enough.
  • Relieving stress for teens.
  • Support for young adults with autism to transition into¬† independent living and stable jobs.
  • Bringing urban gardens to inner cities.
  • Teach¬† collaboration, rather than competition in our schools and eliminate bullying.

What’s your problem? How will your business change the world?


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