Change the World (what it means)


change the world_MFAI help passionate people build businesses that change the world for the better.

Sometimes a subset of folks become cranky and confused when I talk about changing the world.

So I’m going to clarify here what I mean, so we can all get clear on one take on world changing (Your take may be different).

When I ask people to use their business to change the world, I am asking you to use your passions, talents and investment to make things better in your corner of the world.

Maybe you do healing work and touch 3 people a day to soothe wounds, physical or emotional. You are changing the world.

Maybe you farm organic carrots that are sold in local farmers markets and nourish local families. You are changing the world.

If your work entertains, makes people smile or think in new ways, you are changing the world, too.

It’s all but impossible for individuals to bulldoze a new world order into being.

I think that’s why most of us sit by and let powerful negative forces direct our culture.

But if each one of us does what we can to heal, encourage, nourish, nurture, share, spread smiles and promote new ideas we can make a difference one person at a time. When thousands of people do that every day, it adds up to a lot of positive world changing.

Imagine if you help 3 people a day, 5 days a week. That’s 15 people you’ve touched and made their world better. That’s doable, right? Three people a day isn’t hard to attract to your business.  If you reached 15 people a week for 40 weeks a year, we’re looking at helping 600 people a year (with 12 weeks off, might I add). This is possible to achieve.

Now imagine if 1000 people a week did the same thing. One thousand people each helping 3 people a day for 5 days. Now we’re talking about 15,000 people a week shifting into doing better in the world. In those 40 weeks we’ve supported 600,000 people.

Bump that number up to 10,000 people a week helping 15 other folks each week. 150,000 people are now moving toward a better place a week, 6 million people strong in 40 weeks.

Often, we don’t engage in those “good vibe” activities because we have other things to do. We think, “It’s not my job. I have my own stuff to deal with.”

I’m asking you to consider world changing as your job. As the actual way you make your living. When you support those 15 people a week and each pays you a fair sum (you decide what that number is), you can make a good living. If you decide to do some moderate marketing and promotion, you could work with 5 or 7 people a day, serve groups, sell products and programs  and increase your income more.

I’m asking you to declare: “World Changing is My Business.”

Help people + make good money = changing the world.

I like that equation. How about you?


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