Fleeting double rainbow

Fleeting double rainbow

I suppose the first theme we should explore here is Change.

Admittedly I change things up a lot in my work. I get bored, I’ll be honest. And I’ve made my work containers too narrow.  This new space will be big enough for me to express my ideas and showcase my work in a way that really resonates with all of who I am.

I’m also a big believer in the fact that life is change and change is life. Nothing is static. To pretend otherwise is to  be naive, I think.  When we prepare for the inevitability of change, we aren’t surprised when things don’t stay the same.

When we engage the change process on purpose, we can exert more control over something that is already in motion. I think of it as steering. The movement happens and isn’t under our explicit control, but we have a means to steer when we decide to own change intentionally.

I was out walking today listening to my iPod and heard Jack Johnson’s “Change.” Perfect, right?

This video below is just the song…nothing happens in the video part, so close your eyes and listen to the lyrics. I especially love the line:

“The tough just might have got going…” Ha.

I also stumbled across this video below which shows Jack and Ben Harper working on the arrangement of the song.

Jack has a group of these “behind the scenes” videos on his official YouTube channel, but not so many finished music videos. I find this fascinating as he’s showing us the process is more the point than the outcome.

That makes me feel like I’m in good company *phew*.

What especially strikes me in these videos is the focus, the process and the time spent in getting it right. These musicians didn’t sit down and jam out a perfect song in an hour. They experimented, tried new stuff, tested it out, went back and did it again.

In the business coaching space we’ve moved from discussing quality to quantity and there is no conversation about process, trial and error, the empty space needed to create.

My hope is we can have those conversations here.

Here’s to change!

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