12 New Ways to Build Your Business in the New Year (Replay)

Here is the replay of my webinar, “12 New Ways to Build Your Business in the New Year.”

A few notes about this webinar.

1. I was getting over the flu when this was recorded. My voice is weak and scratchy. So if the sound quality isn’t stellar, my apologies. I either had to go forward with a weak voice or reschedule and I chose to stick to the schedule.

2. I started the recording a few minutes in because we had some technical difficulties. You didn’t miss anything, just the first title slide and my explaining my scratchy voice.

3. At the end of the webinar I announced my new “Pay Your Own Rate” Innovative Business and Marketing Planning coaching offer. If you want to read more, you can see it here: http://SusanGiurleo.com/pyor

4.I mention a few books in this class. If you are interested in reading more, here are the links.

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