Hi, I’m Susan and I help people build businesses that matter.

What do I mean by “matter?”

A business that matters has a positive impact on clients and customers. It changes the world for the better in small and big ways.

It also matters to you. It fulfills a dream and gives you time to work and play. It’s a business integrated into who you really are. It supports your lifestyle in all ways. Your business feels fulfilling and fun.

My business coaching approach and philosophy is unique and customized to each individual. I think of each business as a snowflake — each one is beautiful and different. You can read more about my coaching process and how we can work together here.

My mission is to empower everyone, regardless of experience and financial means, to begin to explore and build their own business. To that end, I’ve developed my “Empower U” programs that are low cost (sometimes free) workbooks, webinars and teleclasses that support you in building a foundation for your business that matters. Click here to see the current courses offered in Empower U.

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